Different Types Of Benefits Offered By Allianz Travel Insurance


Allianz Travel Insurance (TSI) provides extensive travel coverage for all your needs when traveling abroad. TSI provides coverage for a single trip abroad. It s specially designed to cover medical, hospital, dental and overseas personal liability, baggage, accidental trip cancellation, missed flight and much more. When you have Allianz Travel Insurance, you are not only insured against emergency medical and sudden death, but also against all the common risks you may encounter while traveling.

TSI provides cover against most common risks when travelling abroad. When you are travelling to an unfamiliar country, you may find yourself in need of emergency assistance. If you have Allianz Travel Insurance you can rely on it for emergency assistance when you fall sick, get injured or lose valuables. With Allianz Comprehensive Travel Insurance you can be sure that you will be able to get medical help in time.

Travel insurance policies may come with a variety of different benefits and cover options. There are many items that may need to be included in your trip, depending on the type of insurance policy you choose. With most policies, there are usually a number of item limits. An example of an item limit is the number of days you are covered for. For some policies, such as allianz travel insurance for the European continent, there are generally no item limits on recreational activities or visits to hospitals.

Most allianz travel policies provide cover for medical emergencies, flight cancellations, emergency evacuation, loss or damage to personal possessions and medical treatments overseas. This includes all costs associated with such treatments and recovery. Depending on the policy, some additional benefits may also be included, including loss of rental income during the duration of your absence, compensation for delays or cancelled programmes and assistance with currency conversion rates. Please refer to the product disclosure statement for details on all the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply.

Each policy is different, but most allianz policies offer the following benefits: up to 12 months of uninterrupted treatment in hospital, assistance with flight arrangements and repatriation if needed and cover for any other emergency health or medical care you require during your holiday. You must be aged under 75 years at the time the certificate of insurance is issued in order to buy the adventure pack benefits. You must also have a passport and a valid credit card. You must be traveling to one of the European countries listed in the allianz travel insurance section you want to go to in your allianz travel insurance policy. If you are traveling to one of the countries that is not on the allianz travel insurance, you may have to check out the “European country” option on your allianz travel insurance.

Adventure Pack Benefits: If you are traveling to one of the European countries listed in your allianz policy as one of the destinations for which you are eligible for this coverage, you will receive several different benefits included in your allianz travel insurance plans. The benefits will vary according to your destination and the duration of your trip. These benefits include assistance with rental car costs during your stay, assistance with hotel expenses for the night and morning of your stay if necessary and assistance with planning your meals for the duration of your trip. You must be traveling on at least one trip within the past twelve months and you must hold a valid passport that is in its valid format and has no outstanding claims. There is no age limit for this coverage.

Basic Plan: The basic plan provides coverage for lost belongings and personal effects in the European countries covered by your allianz insurance plan. Some policies may also provide coverage for emergencies while traveling to these European countries. The limits of these benefits will depend on the terms of your policy. Most of these benefits come in the form of reimbursing some of your out-of-pocket expense when a trip gets postponed or interrupted. There are also limits on the coverage provided for theft, delayed or canceled air flights and loss or damage of valuables while staying in your accommodation.

Medication Benefit Plan: This is a type of emergency medical coverage plan provided by your allianz travel policy. It covers emergency treatment and medication costs for conditions that can occur at any time while you are on vacation. Most of these benefits come from the cruise ship and cabin crew’s own medical services, which may not be better than those offered through other insurance companies. The coverage provided in this plan varies depending on the terms of your plan. There is no age limit for this coverage and there are some restrictions on the types of treatments that are covered. Most of these benefit plans require at least five days’ notice for medications to be available for use.