International Health Insurance For Travelers Outside The United States


There are many different international health insurance for travel plans that can be purchased by those that travel frequently or by those that would like to travel but do not want to spend the money on an international plan. As with any other type of insurance, these plans are available in both a short term and long term version. Both of these plans cover pre-existing conditions and some have extras such as travel insurance coverage while traveling abroad and emergency medical services while traveling from one country to another. Some of these plans also offer additional benefits when it comes to prescription drugs.

If you are an international traveler then there are three types of travel insurance that are most often purchased. These are: The most common is called the single trip travel insurance plan which offers coverage within a specific country for a specified period of time. The second is the multi Trip Travel Insurance Plan. This plan provides coverage for three or more trips taken within a specified period of time. And the last is the High Limit Accidental Death Insurance Plan (HMAP) which covers the accident or death of a US citizen while traveling internationally.

As you can see, you have to have some sort of coverage while you travel because you never know what problems you may encounter while visiting another country. As with any other type of insurance plan the only protection that you have is the coverage provided and the maximum limits that are set forth in your health insurance plan. In order to ensure that you are adequately covered the United States government has set forth certain requirements regarding the international health insurance for travel. As a US Citizen you are not allowed to travel beyond the five,000,000 policy maximum limit for any one trip, regardless if it is for business or pleasure.

Also as a US Citizen you are not allowed to use your non-cigna close care plan to obtain health insurance in another country. This means that all health plans offered by the US Government, regardless of your health status will not cover you. In order to obtain this restriction a person must first contact their US Citizen Services Department and apply for an exception through the Global Health Insurance Program. Only after approval can a person then apply for a non-cigna coverage abroad. Once you have been approved you will need to supply the Global System for Health Insurance (GHSI) with your application.

Although there are many reasons to consider purchasing health coverage abroad, perhaps the most compelling reason is that it allows you to visit a different country at any time during the year, without having to pay the exorbitant price for medical insurance in your home country. If you are currently self employed or work for an employer that does not provide health benefits, then a trip abroad can be one of the best business experiences of your life. However, with the rising cost of travel, it can also be a financial hardship for the very person who wants to travel. International health insurance offers protection against the high costs of emergency medical evacuation, or ERP evacuation for those employees who leave their employers’ businesses to travel abroad to work for another firm. The high cost of travel medical expenses alone can put a significant financial hardship on anyone. A global health plan will alleviate these financial worries and allow those leaving home to go to the country of their choice when they feel the need.

While many companies offer travel health insurance there are a few that specifically offer health coverage overseas. There are other private companies that offer “offs-exchange” medical plans, which allow members to exchange their health plan for a different plan once they reach the country of their choice. However, there are no US citizens that can purchase health plans through the State Department or the private sector. Therefore, most people must turn to an international travel medical provider to meet their needs when traveling internationally.

For US citizens, there are a few options when it comes to obtaining travel insurance. One option is to use a US company’s group plan while traveling outside the country. This can often be a more economical choice for most people who travel regularly, but is not always available. Another option is to take advantage of a US citizen’s health insurance card, which can also be used as a travel health insurance while traveling outside the United States.

There are several different types of US citizens health cards. Some cards are better than others. In order to obtain a Cigna close care plan through the State Department, you will need to have your passport and driver’s license. If you are traveling outside the United States, you will also need an E visa. If you have a US citizen card, you will not need an E visa to enroll in the program.