Travel Guard Trip Insurance – What It Provides For the Family Travelers


An increasing number of travel insurance companies offer travel guard insurance policies. AIG travel guard health insurance policies are designed to provide basic coverage for travel in specific countries. The policies offered by AIG travel guard are backed by a strong health and travel guard reimbursement policy, which pays 80% of premiums back to policyholders. AIG travel insurance policies also cover other aspects of travel protection such as travel delays and loss, and the policyholder is reimbursed for the portion of the premium not already covered by their primary health insurance policy. Travel insurance quotes provided by AIG travel guard policies are very comprehensively laid out, covering most of the areas that travel insurance policies cover.

Trip Cancellation Assistance: Trip cancellation coverage helps policyholders avoid travel disruptions caused by illness or accidents. When a travel insurance policy fails to deliver expected benefits on time, policyholders may cancel their trips without penalty. This enables policyholders to benefit from previously paid travel insurance coverage at a very low cost. Policyholders who cancel their trips without valid reasons may lose all the amounts they have paid up to that point, including premiums, travel assistance services, and the portion of unused medical reimbursement coverage. Trip cancellation assistance helps alleviate the financial burden of travel delays caused by illness or accidents.

Travel Medical Plans: Travelers who require specialized travel medical plans usually have no choice but to purchase such coverage from their primary health insurance provider. AIG travel insurance provides this type of coverage to policyholders when an emergency medical service is needed abroad. If an emergency situation occurs while a travel companion is abroad, coverage can immediately be purchased to bring the injured person home to his or her country of origin. Policyholders should contact their primary health insurance provider before traveling to confirm that AIG travel insurance policies cover the necessary medical care of their traveling companions.

Rental Car Assistance: Travel insurance plans are often insufficient for individuals with low income or those traveling alone. AIG travel insurance plans provide coverage for rental car expenses when traveling in foreign countries. Travel insurance plans may not cover all related expenses for rental cars, so it is important to read over the details carefully. Policyholders should carefully read over the terms of their rental car agreement to determine which items are covered and how much coverage they will receive. Some policies provide rental car only when requested by the policyholder, while others provide coverage for as many days as the travel party needs.

Dive Sites: Many people travel to unknown or risky diving spots such as the Great Barrier Reef or the Mexico caves. Because diving can be dangerous, insurance may not always cover it. If coverage is required, it must be clearly defined in the policy and the amount of coverage provided must be specified. For example, some policies cover it up to a certain limit for every dive site that is visited. Other policies provide coverage up to a certain percentage of the total trip or event. It is important for travelers to understand what the insurance provides and whether or not they need it.

Evacuations: Any travel agency can offer evacuations coverage but the insurance offered by AIG is more comprehensive. The insurance policy provides coverage during emergencies only, which includes both travel related and emergency medical assistance. This makes it very easy for families planning trips to plan for unexpected emergencies without worry.

Travel Guard Trip Cancellation: Travelers have one of the best experiences known to mankind when traveling with a travel guard crew. However, there are many instances when travel insurance coverage can be canceled for various reasons. Travelers are encouraged to review their travel insurance policies to find out when they can safely cancel trips. The unfortunate truth is that no travel insurance coverage will cover travel delays or cancellations due to natural disasters, acts of terrorism or any national emergency.

Evacuations and missed connections: If an emergency arises that prevents passengers from making it to their departure airport on time, then travel coverage cancellations may occur. Travel insurance companies don’t always grant refunds and assistance in situations like this. Because of this, it’s vital for travelers to know exactly what their insurance policies covers so that they can determine whether it will cover them in the event of a cancellation. Many policies will provide a full refund for travel delays and cancellations due to weather conditions or malicious acts of terrorism. In addition, a plan provides protection in the event that luggage is lost or stolen during an evacuation.